About KR Kitchen Remodeling

Meet Rick Hamlett and Kimberlie Hoffmann, Co-Owners of KR Kitchen Remodeling.

With over twenty-five years of experience designing and constructing residential kitchens and baths, Rick and Kimberlie have an outstanding partnership. Their backgrounds in both Master Craftsmanship and Interior Design allow Rick and Kimberlie to offer comprehensive remodeling services to their clients.

The team at KR Kitchen Remodeling takes an interactive, hands-on approach to each redesign project. They bring a unique level of friendliness and personal attention to their clients, and supreme skill and confidence to their projects.

With a team of skilled subcontractors who have worked with them for years, KR Kitchen Remodeling ensures a safe, smooth, and affordable remodeling experience.

Contact KR today, and find out what a difference this unique team can make in your next home improvement project!

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KR Kitchen Remodeling
385 Pembroke Street
Pembroke, NH 03275